Year-Round Water Stewardship

Guilford Creek Week may only be a week long, but our waters are there every single day! They provide us with vital ecosystem services, recreational opportunities and options that optimize our health and wellbeing. Check out the information below to discover opportunities to explore, learn about and protect our waters year-round and all around our region!

What do our local governments

have going on?

NC Creek Week Network

Guilford Creek Week isn’t the only Creek Week around! There are many others all over the state, check out the NC Creek Week Network to find out what other water education opportunities are happening all over the state!

City of Greensboro

Greensboro Water Resources has a strong commitment to clean water. If you want to learn more or volunteer to help keep our local waters clean, go here to get involved and find out more!

City of High Point

The City of High Point Stormwater division works hard to keep our waters clean and healthy! Go here to learn more about what you can do to keep our waters clean!

Piedmont Triad Regional Council

StormwaterSMART, a part of the Piedmont Triad Regional Council works hard to bring water education to all the communities in our region. Check out their website to see what educational opportunities they have near you!

Guilford County

The Watershed Protection/Stormwater Management Section is responsible for the Watershed Protection for Guilford County’s nine (9) drinking water supply watersheds! Check out educational and information opportunities here 

“To sit in solitude, to think in solitude with only the music of the stream and the cedar to break the flow of silence, there lies the value of wilderness.”

John Muir

Check out these great resources for learning and exploring our local waters on your own!

Piedmont Discovery

Download the Piedmont Discovery App. Created in partnership with The City of Greensboro, the City of High Point and Guilford County, this mobile app allows residents and visitors to search for hundreds of local parks, trails and recreational opportunities. The app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Learn to be a Birder

There are few better solo activities than birding. Check out this guide for all the things you need to know to get started! Birds are an important part of our aquatic ecosystem!

Learn about the nature around you

With iNaturalist you can dive deeper into the world around you, learn to identify our local species, take part in online contests, and even help scientists!

Local trails, Guilford County and beyond

We are all connected and many trail systems go beyond just Guilford County. See what nature exploration is around, and see if you can chase where some of our waters come from and where they go!

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