You can find all our available events organized by category here!

There are plenty of self paced events that will be going on all week (and some for the whole month!) check them out!

Adult Education

Creek Week is for kids of all ages! We have events that are geared for an older crowd, find those here.

One of our most popular events, come join us to learn about rain barrels and then make your own to take home with you!

Educational and Family Friendly Events

Almost all of our events are educational, but these ones are specifically designed to be fun for the whole family!

One of the best ways to help our local waters is to help keep them clean! Join us for a clean up. All supplies are provided!

Library and Literary Events

Through the amazing support of our local libraries, we are excited to be able to present you with some really exciting events! Family and child friendly, you are SURE to find something you and your family will enjoy!

Do you want to explore our waters on foot? How about getting some exercise while learning? Here is your chance at one of our many recreational events!

Calendar by Date

Here is the full calendar by day so you can see if any creek week activities fit into your schedule!

Get to know your Guilford H2O!

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