Waste Reduction and Recycling Education

In celebration of Guilford Creek Week Greensboro Recycling and GSO Goes Green is offering 5 days of tours of Greensboro’s Waste Management facilities. Come learn about the importance of disposing of our waste properly, how it affects local waters, and see how the City of Greensboro manages garbage and recycling. Must be 8 year or older and must pre-register.  For more information call 336-373-2342.

  1. Monday, March 30: 12:30-2pm bit.ly/GCWTour30
  2. Tuesday March 31: 11am-12:30pm bit.ly/GCWTour31
  3. Wednesday April 1: 9:30-11am bit.ly/GCWTour1
  4. Thursday April 2: 3-4:30pm bit.ly/GCWTour2
  5. Friday April 3: 1:30-3pm bit.ly/GCWTour3
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